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I'm Naomi Newland

Festival Founder, Business & Confidence Coach, Hypnotherapist & Emotional Freedom therapist, Speaker and Creator of The MORE THAN ENOUGH Movement.

I help women, like you, drowning in self-doubt and negative thinking to understand why they think, feel and behave the way they do.  With this increased self-awareness and empowerment, I then support you to transform your life and make a lasting impactful change at the level of their subconscious mind.    So that you become the creator of your own fulfilled future.

It's your time beautiful

No more peeking out from behind the curtains…

It’s your time…

to experience the change that you’ve been dreaming of!

My role is to encourage you out of your comfort zone to help you leap into a life you consciously create that totally rocks your world.

I’d be deeply honoured to be your confidence coach, hand holder, your guide, your mentor. I’m not sure you could find someone who cares more about ensuring you receive the love and guidance you so desperately deserve so you can evolve into who you are supposed to be.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching females fully flourish.

Free from judgement, comparison and self bullying.

Wanna know more about how you can change?

bye bye inner critic

It’s your time to grow. 

To move from fear-based thoughts to emotional freedom.

My heart breaks when I think of your talent and potential going to waste.

Those opportunities you never get to say YES to.

The people-pleasing to try and fit in and keep the peace.

You’re not speaking up nor being heard.  You’ve forgotten who you really are.

You ignore the little voice that whispers ‘there must be something more’. You’ve struggled through life so far thinking that’s the only way. 

And all the time your repetitive, critical inner voice keeps you feeling stuck, unworthy, not enough!

my mission

… is to teach you the basic foundations of emotional resilience so you can feel confident enough to turn down the volume of your negative thoughts and uncover your treasure trove of unique talents and resources – to make the massive shifts in your life that create ripple effects that our planet so desperately needs.

We each have a role to play.

Perhaps you are a nurturer, a teacher, a guide, a healer, a maker, a coach, a communicator, a producer, a visionary, a luminaire, a leader, a creative, a change maker, an investigator, a peacemaker, a supporter?

You and ONLY YOU have been gifted with your unique mix of skills and experiences to help make life better for all those around you.

It’s your time to shine, beautiful.

change maker & emotional freedom therapist

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obsessed by personal transformation

For more than a decade I’ve supported thousands of females to remodel their minds supported by my desire to inspire and empower women to make informed, life-changing mind shifts.

It began with hypnobirthing and witnessing the journey my customers went on from being paralysed by the fear of child-birth to sending me videos of them smiling shouting “I LOVE THIS” when birthing their babies. From here, my obsession with transformation was born.

During this time, I’ve built multiple successful wellness businesses alongside raising my three children, adding more qualifications, experiences and knowledge to my skill set, whilst committing to a massive amount of personal growth myself.

It hasn’t been easy but it’s totally been worth it !

From Hypnobirthing to BabyCalming, Parenting Coaching to organising Pregnancy Exhibitions, training in advanced Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique to finally creating the world’s first Women’s Wellness Festival. You could say I have many feathers to my headdress! 

I did this all whilst my inner critic chipped away at my self-belief, but I did it anyway. I’m telling you this because if I can do this, then you can go after your dreams too. #ifonewomancananywomancan

Wanna know more about my story?

I love my community

Our community is everything to me. None of my business dreams would have been possible without the tribe of kind hearted, fierce minded & brave spirited women who are seeking change in their lives.   They have formed the most supportive sisterhood along the way.

I’m using my desire to inspire, empower and connect like-minded women by bringing together an army of women honouring their rightful calling for MORE! 

Wanna-be changemakers with a desire to transform their inner worlds so our communities and environments evolve into happier places for our future generations.

It all starts with the way we talk to ourselves. Helping women to take control of that inner dialogue and transforming it into their North Star and guiding compass is my speciality.

Come and join my thriving and supportive Facebook group – GOOD ENOUGH WOMEN – for free! It’s where I hold space for women to transform their fears to freedom by holding their hands through their transformation – from feeling stuck to stepping you and proudly claiming their space and purpose.

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